We deliver by air, land and sea

Thanks to our experience in logistics and our professional team, we are ready to offer 3 types of transportation: land, air and sea. We are always ready to offer the most strategically and economically advantageous solutions in accordance with international logistics standards. The latest technologies are used in transport and customer orientation is always a priority.

Our prices vary according to the product type, transportation conditions and distance. To calculate a profitable offer write us the following information by Email or WhatsApp:

- Route. Specify sending and receiving location.
- Dimensions. Write down exact data of objects to be transported - weight, length, width, height, volume and other parameters of the load.
- Nature of the object to be moved. Whether the cargo needs special storage or transportation parameters.
- Additional services. Insurance, document presentation and more.

Ground (road) logistics

Today, road transport plays a key role in both international and domestic transport and is considered the capillary of the logistics system. Our team is ready to offer ground transport that can deliver our cargo at minimum cost within the agreed time frame.

Air Logistics

Çok çeşitli havayolları ile işbirliği sayesinde, hizmetlerimiz kargonuzun hava yoluyla taşınması için eksiksiz çözümlerdir. Bu tür lojistiğin ana avantajı teslimat hızıdır.

Maritime Logistics

Maritime logistics is a system of procedures and actions aimed at organizing the delivery of goods by sea. The main advantages of this route are its flexibility since ships are not connected to roads and its high degree of safety due to advanced transport technologies.